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Convenient nozzle for powerful cleaning and watering - now frost-proof

The GARDENA Classic Cleaning Nozzle with Flow Control offers everything you need for cleaning and watering jobs in and around the garden. If the water flow is to be continuous, you can lock the pulse trigger. Tiring of the hand is thereby prevented.

* Frost protection

Integrated innovative frost-proofing ensures that the product remains undamaged even when temperatures drop.

*Convenient Adjustment

Fully adjustable flow rate - single-hand operation.

*Ergonomical design

Ergonomically and functionally design for high comfort in use.

*Comfortable handling

The soft plastic components provide the Classic Cleaning Nozzle with a secure grip. The soft plastic ring on the head protects from damage.


*Use: Ideal for cleaning of intensive stains and watering with a fine mist.

*Spray pattern: Hard jet, Fine mist

Special feature

*Frost protection: Yes

*Warranty: 5 years

Adjustments of handle

*Water quantity can be regulated: Yes

*On/Off trigger: Yes

*Lock: Yes

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