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Bag Filter Housings are used in a variety of applications where the filter is to be designed for high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity. Bag Filters are used as Pre filter to Cartridge Filters to remove the coarser suspended particles which increases the life of filter cartridge.

PVC bag filter housings provide an economical alternative to stainless steel. Bag filter systems are designed for high flow rates and high sediment holding capacity. Its range provides filtration solutions for a broad variety of fluid applications in the process industry.

Bag filters are used for the clarification/filtration of fluids that have a relatively small loading of particles to be removed. The particle suspension passes through and the particles settle in the bag.



Different sizes of housing bags.

Housing Bag Filter PVC 100PSI No.1 (40cm)

Housing Bag Filter PVC 100PSI No.2 (80cm)

Housing Bag Filter Stainless Steel 100PSI No.1 (40cm)

Housing Bag Filter Stainless Steel 100PSI No.2 (80cm)

Bag Filter 1 (1,5,10,20,100 Micron)

Bag Filter 2 (1,5,10,20,100 Micron)

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