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The 3 Stage Under Counter Water Purifier system is a basic and affordable solution to a household's need for effective drinking water purification.


• Water that is purified by this system can be used for daily use as drinking, cooking, household plants

• Fits under your kitchen counter

• Replacement cartridges are changed easily

• Great tasting water, improved taste

• Softens water and removes chlorine.

• It does not alter the pH of water.

• It does not remove any minerals from the water.

• It can purify water that runs at low pressure, with a minimum operating pressure requirement of 30 psi (2 Bar)


3 Stages of filtration ensure great quality water.

Stages include:

Stage 1: 5-micron sediment filter - for the removal of large particles such as sediment, sand, grains, silt and rust.

Stage 2: A Coconut shell Granular Activated Carbon Filter - for the removal of chemicals, like chlorine, and harmful organic and organochlorine substances, like endocrine-disrupting hormones. Also removes metals, phenols, and petroleum products.

Stage 3: A Coconut shell carbon block filter - For fine filtration and reinforcement of the above 2 stages.

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