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Solenoid Ro Valve 1'' 220 Watt Normally Closed


1. Two position, two way, normal close switch, magnetic solenoid water valve.

2. Horizontal installation

3. Used to control automatically the liquid and gas in the pipeline.
4. Good copper material, crush resistance, crack leak proof, safe non toxic and long life.

5. Suitable for medium with gas, water, oil and gas.

Solenoid valve working principle:

Normally closed: When the coil is energized, the pilot spool is closed, the pilot hole is opened, the upper chamber of the valve is relieved, the piston is pushed by the medium pressure of the lower chamber, and the solenoid valve is opened.

When the coil is de-energized, the pilot spool is reset by the spring, the pilot hole is closed, the upper chamber of the valve is pressurized by the piston orifice and the thrust of the return spring, and the solenoid valve is closed.

Package Included:
1 x 220V Electric Solenoid Valve Pneumatic Valve for Water, Air, Gas

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