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Clinobrite Media 

Clinobrite can be used as a direct substitute for pool filter sand to get sparkling, healthy pool water with a greatly reduced demand for chlorine. It has unique ion-exchange, molecular sieving, and particulate filtration properties. Discerning pool owners and industrial filter operators will choose to use Clinobrite.

Advantages of using Clinobrite

- Easy to use - A direct replacement for outdated pool sand.

- Leaves you with crystal clear swimming pool water. Reduces Chlorine demand.

- No more green pool water or burning eyes.

- It is environmentally friendly so there is no unpleasant chemical pool smell.

- It protects one's health by absorbing dangerous heavy metals.

- Saves you money by removing Chlorine consuming Ammonia.



Clino Media 1.4-2mm 25kg Bag

Clino Media 1.4-2mm 50kg Bag


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