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Ozone Generator 3G

The MP-3000 (3g/h Ozone output) is a portable multi-purpose ozone generator that is versatile, efficient, reliable and heavy duty. This unit can be used for various applications ranging from household applications to light industrial and commercial applications.

It comes with a robust built-in air compressor to optimise ozone output and a heavy duty fan for circulation during air applications. It has an automatic shut-off timer for ease of use.

Product Benefits

  • Water Ozonation, sanitation and treatment
  • Kills bacteria instantly and removes water born germs and odours
  • Removes odour in standard size rooms in just a few minutes!
  • Kills bacteria and removes pollen in air
  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Home and office use

Product Details

Voltage: 220V Model #: MP-3000
Power: Wattage 115 Cooling: Air Cooling
Timer: 0 – 4 Hour CE Certificate
Color: Grey Concentration: 0-20 Gr/M3
Ozone Capacity: 3g/hour Oxygen feed Gas Flow Rate: SCFH 8 / LPM 4
Size: 8x12x10 inches

Unit Weight: 6 kg


Product Features

  • Adjustable timer – 5 Minutes  to continuous
  • Corona Discharge Technology
  • Internal Air Compressor or optional oxygen feed
  • Stainless Steel handle for easy of use and portability
  • Diffuser stones, spare fuse, and tubing included
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