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    Ozone Generator 3G

    The MP-3000 (3g/h Ozone output) is a portable multi-purpose ozone generator that is versatile, efficient, reliable and heavy-duty. This unit can be used for various applications ranging from household applications to light industrial and commercial applications.

    It comes with a robust built-in air compressor to optimize ozone output and a heavy-duty fan for circulation during air applications. It has an automatic shut-off timer for ease of use.

    Product Benefits

    Product Details

    Voltage: 220V

    Model #: MP-3000

    Power: Wattage 115

    Cooling: Air Cooling

    Timer: 0 ? 4 Hour

    CE Certificate

    Color: Grey

    Concentration: 0-20 Gr/M3

    Ozone Capacity: 3g/hour

    Oxygen feed Gas Flow Rate: SCFH 8 / LPM 4

    Size: 8x12x10 inches

    Unit Weight: 6 kg

      Product Features

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