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Flow 300 (6mm Quick Fit) Flow Restrictor

Inline flow restrictor for reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Used to create backpressure on the RO membrane and limit waste water per minute.


  • - ¼" Quick Connect Fitting Fits Standard Tubing Used on Most RO Systems
  • - Zero-Leak Connections
  • - Push-Fit Technology
  • - Quick Disconnection Without Other Tools
  • - Suitable For Use In Hot and Cold Water Applications
  • - 300ml/minute flow restriction


Flow 1200- 6mm Quick Fit

1200ml per minute at 4 Bar 

The flow limiters build up the water pressure in the membrane housing and regulate the ratio of filter water to wastewater.

Right: 1/4 "hose quick connector with clip 
Left: 1/4" hose quick connector with clip

The flow restrictors are supplied with the appropriate connectors so that they can be mounted directly on the hose.

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