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Radar Float Switch

This float switch automatically controls the water level of pool, water tower, water tank. It has the advantages of sensitive response, accurate control, novelty and practicality, so it is the necessary water supply equipment of factories, hotels' flats, buildings, houses and so on.

*Installation Instruction:
The float level controller should be installed vertically inside the pool, there are two pendants in this controller; A sealed switch box should be equipped with the controller. The controller switch device  is installed in the sealed switch box. The controller controls the water level by these two pendants. When the water levels down to the bottom pendant, the switch device switches on the power supply automatically, so the pump starts to work and refills water. When the water level rises to the top pendant, the switch device switches off the power supply, so the pump stops pumping in water.

1. By using this controller, the water is prevented from overspilling from the pool, water tower and water tank, so it saves water and protects the water pump against overload operation that may damage the water pump.

2. The controller saves times and labor as it can self- operate once connected to the power supply

3. The control can bear high temperatures.

*Basic Parameter:
1. Rated Voltage: 220VAC
2. Rated Current: 4A~10A
3. Rated Frequency: 50HZ
4. Power Consumption: <1.5 KW
3. Rated Frequency: 50HZ
4. Power Consumption: <1.5 KW

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