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Vontron Membrane LP11-4040/ LP31-4040

The low pressure(LP) of the polyamide RO membrane element makes it applicable for the desalination of brackish water. It is ideal for the fabrication of high purity water for the electronic and electric power industries because of its excellent performance in removing soluble satls TOC, Si02 etc


- Low-pressure Operation

- High water productivity

- Excellent desalting performance

Vontron Membrane ULP-2540 
It is used for the desalination of surface and underground water, tap and municipal water.
The Vontron Membrane ULP 21-2540 operates under approximately 2 thirds of the operating pressure of regular low-pressure composite membranes, yet achieves a high permeate flow and salt rejection rate of up to 99.5%, which greatly decreases the operating cost for the RO system such as pumps and pipes.


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