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Eco Tank Size’s:

Eco Tank 260L

Eco Tank 707

Eco Tank 950L

Eco Tank 1890L


Water Tank is available in Brown or Grey. 

- It comes with a plastic screw-on lid, sieve, and cradle as well as a plastic tap and stopper.

- All Eco Tanks come standard with a 10 Year full replacement Guarantee.

- Made from virgin, Food Grade Polyethylene, and Safe to Hold Potable Water.

- Eco Tanks is a SABS (iso 9001) Certified Company


Available in water, chemical and chemical-heavy.

·       Virgin food-grade material.

·       Unrivalled, 10-year full replacement guarantee.

·       Standard and custom molded tanks.

·       Strong and durable construction.

·       BPA-free.

·       UV-resistant.

·       Black lining inhibits algal growth.

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