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3 Stage Big Blue with UV Light and Bracket

The 3 Stage Big Blue System with UV Light and Bracket Purifier removes contaminants & pollutants from your water without affecting the water pressure. IThe sediment filter removes unwanted particles such as sand, algae, rust and slime, while the UV steriliser kills and disinfects water from harmful bacteria and viruses. The carbon filters remove organic compounds, as well as improving the taste, colour and odour of water. The 3 Stage Big Blue System with UV light and Bracket is ideal for borehole water purification.


3 x 20 Inch big blue filter housings
1 x Mounting frame/ bracket
1 x 5-micron 20 Inch big blue sediment filters
1 x 20 Inch carbon block filter
1 x 20 Inch granule activated carbon filter
1 x 55W ultraviolet sterilizer 

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