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Inline Chlorinator Replacement Cartridges

The Klorman Inline Chlorinator Refill cartridge

This single Klorman Inline Chlorinator refill cartridge comes with 10 pieces of chlorine, to disinfect and sanitize.

Can be used in hospitals, abattoirs, piggeries, greenhouses, and drinking water applications.

Klorman Inline Chlorinator Refill Cartridges (4 per case)

The Klorman Inline Chlorinator Refill cartridges offer simple and affordable sanitization and disinfection.

The Klorman Cartridges are durable, compact, easy to use chlorine dispensers specifically designed to deliver Hypochlor (Calcium Hypochlorite).

The Klorman Cartridges are adjustable and can be used in applications ranging from high water volume / low chlorine concentrations to low volume / high chlorine concentrations. comes in a box/ case of 4 cartridges, each with 10 pieces of chlorine

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