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Controls free-floating single-cell algae and sterilizes the pond water with no side effects to your fish, plants, or environment. A green pond is unappealing to look at and is difficult to determine whether your fish are diseased or if they have damaged themselves. Algae also pose a threat to your fish as it starves them of the essential oxygen they require.

How it works.
An Ultra Zap UV Sterilizer will maintain a clear pond throughout the year without the use of chemicals. The unit works by exposing the phototrophic micro-organisms (free-floating single-celled algae) to a dose of UV radiation. This destroys and prevents the regrowth of the phototropic micro-organisms.

The use of a quartz sleeve is often recommended with the use of UV units, but for the reduction of algae, it is not necessary. Therefore the Ultra Zap Pond unit does not incorporate a quartz sleeve.

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