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The bio ceramic filter is used to place certain minerals back into the RO water. Some of the minerals it replaces are calcium carbonate, potassium and magnesium.It also improves the alkalinity of water by raising the pH level of the water filtered through it.

  • It Ionizes and activates water molecules.
  • Bio ceramic filter improves oxygen levels in the body.
  • Assist in the detoxification process within your body.
  • Reduces energy and water consumption in the RO system



Has environmentally friendly ceramic balls made from natural non-metal mineral tourmaline, maifan stone, and prolonged by porcelain clay. 

Length - 25,4 cm , Diameter 5,3 cm

Maximum flow - 0,75 gallons per minute or 3 liters per minute 

Maximum pressure - 125 psi or 8,6 bar

Maximum temperature - 100 F or 37,7 C

Service life - 2500 gallons or 10 000 liters


Purifiers that use this filter 

5 stage reverse osmosis,

7 stage reverse osmosis,

5 satge reverse osmosis with pump,

7 stage reverse osmosis with pump

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