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About this purifier

- Removes sediment and chlorine from water

- No tank so it is an inline system

- This purifier is commonly used for the whole house

- All the water in the house will be clean

- Housings has O-Rings for a good seal

- Prolong the service life of appliances and geyser

- Soften water so no more dry burning skin in the winter

- Maintenance is fast easy and cost-effective

- Promotes a healthy lifestyle



Filter 1: Sediment Polypropylene 5 Micron 20” FAT Big Blue

Filter 2: Granule Activated Carbon 20” FAT Big Blue

Filter 3: Activated Carbon Block 20” FAT Big Blue

Filters are interchangeable


What is in the box

- Purifier and 3 x 20” FAT Big Blue housings

- Sediment 5 Micron 20” Std Filter

- UDF 20” FAT Big Blue Granule Activated Carbon Filter

- CTO 20” FAT Big Blue Carbon Block Filter

- Big Blue Housing Spanner



Inlet and outlet size: 25mm Female

Installation: The purifier can be mounted to the wall and gets installed on the main water supply

Working Temperature : 3 - 45 ?

Working Pressure : 0,5 - 6 Bar Max

Brand : Linki

Warranty : 6 Months




Replace all Filters every 12 Months

R345 Per Set



Product Weight : 21Kg

Product Dimensions : 23cm(L) x 58cm(W) x 75cm(H)

Shipping Weight : 22Kg

Shipping Dimensions : 23cm(L) x 59cm(W) x 77cm(H)


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Replacement filters:

Sediment 5 Micron Filter 20" Fat

Activated Carbon Block Filter 20" Fat

Granule Activated Carbon Filter 20" Fat

Comes with filter housings and brackets

Estimate Courier to be Confirmed

Courier in SA: R270.00

Courier in Gauteng: R120.00

Delivery in Gauteng Only: R250.00

Installation in Gauteng : R790 + Fittings

Service in Gauteng: R360.00



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