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Complete pH Fix  Vessel with Manual Filter Head


pH fix reacts & dissolves slowly, making it an inexpensive solution for acidic water treatment

Reduce the corrosive properties of acidic water instantly with this pH correcting water filter which contains naturally occurring calcium carbonate media

Eliminate staining of sanitary ware from dripping taps by reducing the leaching of copper, lead, and other metals found in typical plumbing systems

The use of the Complete pH Fix 1354 Vessel with Manual Filter Head, therefore, slows down the likelihood of leaks & increases the lifespan of your plumbing water distribution system


What you get:


Manual Controller Head: x 1

Top and Bottom Strainers x 1

Riser Pipe x 1



FRP Vessel 10''x 54'': x 1

Calcite pH Fix Media 25kgs: x 2

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