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Description :
Designed for the home or camping. It is easy to use and convenient. Comes with AC power for caravan use.

Features :
- Small in size
- 3 Size ice options small, medium and large
- Low energy use

What does it do:
It makes ice at 15kg per 24 hour.

Good to know:
You can get a traveling cover for it (Sold separately)

Category : Ice Makers
Brand : SnoMaster
Model : ZBC-15
Warranty : 5 Years on Compressor and 3 Years on the unit
Colour: Stainless Steel
Ice making Capacity : 15Kg/24h
Storage Volume : 1.4Kg
Climate Class : T
Installation : Counter top application, no installation needed
Plumed in : No
Voltage : 230V/50Hz
Total input power : 110W
Rated Current : 1.0A
Refrigerant :R600a/28g
Application : Domestic Use

What is in the box:
- Ice maker
- Ice Scoop
- Electrical Cable with 3 point plug

Size : 45.0cm(L) x 38.0cm(W) x 41.5cm(H)
Weight : 17.2Kg

Shipping Dimensions:
Size : 47cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 43cm(H)
Weight : 18.5Kg

Towns : R245
Remote Towns / Plots / Farms / Townships / Mines : R590

Delivery in Gauteng only: R250
Installation : No
Traveling outside Gauteng :R7/Km

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