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The 3 stage whole house purifier is suitable for flats and small houses , it is connected directly to the main water pipe of your house, meaning all the water going into your house will be clean. The 3 stage whole house purifier takes out sand, silt, rust, dirt, chlorine, heavey metals and some pesticides in the water. One of the filters can even be replaced with a water softener, which would start removing scale from your pipes and line your houses pipes so scale does not build up .



- Made from industrial grade plastic 

- Has a very low pressure drop

- Has no water wastage 

- Low maintenance cost ( R560 per year depending on water quality )

Length - 60 cm       Width - 40 cm        Breadth - 16 cm

Maximum working pressure - 90 psi or 6,2 bar

Maximum flow rate - 10 gallons per minute or 37,9 liters per minute 

Maximum temperature - determined by filters which is normally 100 F or 37 C


What you get. 

- 3x Big Blue Housings with O-rings mounted to a white frame

- Filter Cartridges Included 

- Housing Wrench to remove and replace filters. 




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